Organic Production

Organic production provides healthy products of the highest quality thanks to a complete renunciation of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides based on chemical synthetic substances. FROM®Bio apples do therefore not only distinguish themselves for their perfect appearance but also for their unique taste, consistency and naturalness.
After numerous visits and controls of every single business, the independent authorities annually release a Bio certificate whose control number is clearly visible on the FROM® Bio packaging.

  • The aim of this cultivation method is the preservation and increase of soil fertility as well as the improvement of the resistance of plants and animals.
  • Natural substances such as sulphur, copper, plant extracts etc. are used against animal pests and mycoses.
  • The farmers use organic fertilizers (natural fertilizers/compost) instead of easily soluble fertilizers for long-term improvement of soil fertility.
  • Monocultures should be avoided and mixed cultivation should be favoured in order to guarantee sustainable cultivation.
  • Weeds are only mechanically removed.
  • The ultimate aim of this cultivation method is to offer the consumer healthy, tasty and nutritious products while at the same time protecting nature.