The Brands

Brand Policy

At FROM® we believe that, while having the best apples is indispensable, it is not the whole story when it comes to creating value for the clients and consumers who choose us.

  • Category 1A
  • Top Quality and Premium Price
  • Rational: a small daily luxury for all those who want a taste of Italy at its finest on their tables. For you and your family.

  • Category 2A
  • High value for money
  • Rational: delicious, safe apples, for those who want to save on prices, but not skimp on Quality.

The FROM BIO apple

The FROM BIO apple
The healthiest of apples

That is why we want to assure our clients of:

  • the easiest buying procedures: a single sales office and a single contact ensure that all apples and FROM® services are available at all times, as well as offering clients all the reliability and professionalism developed by our producers over time;
  • sound sales support and appropriate advertising campaigns, to assure top sales.

However, we also want to help consumers to make conscious and informed choices when buying our products by publicising them and making them easily recognisable. With this aim, every sales campaign will be supported by an innovative communication plan.