Integrated production

Integrated production is a cultivation method for producing quality fruit while at the same time protecting both human health and the environment. Natural measures are preferred in order to minimize the use of chemical pesticides. 95% of our products are cultivated according to the principles of integrated production. The remaining products are organically grown apples.   

The seven rules of integrated production:

  • Only healthy and controlled seeds can be used for cultivation.
  • Every apple variety gets its ideal territory.
  • We take care of our orchards (soil, trees and fruits) by respecting the environment.
  • Pest control occurs as naturally as possible by using, for example, ladybirds or other beneficial insects against greenflies. Integrated production therefore is a cultivation method which takes advantage of the natural enemies of pests. 
  • The farmers are obliged to keep booklets for documenting all different measures in the orchards. Furthermore, the number of beneficial insects and pests is registered before every use of chemical substances which allows us to comprehend which measures were chosen and if they were in accordance with the strict norms of integrated production.
  • Compliance with the principles of integrated production is controlled by third party public workgroups for integrated production in South Tyrol and Trentino.
  • Businesses with insufficient control results are strictly excluded from the integrated production programme.