Farmer statement

I have been growing apples for my entire life. Just think – there are more than 250 sunny days in the Italian Alps. Small wonder, that our apples are full of vitamins, as well as crunchier and tastier than others. When in autumn the trees in the gardens are full with apples, cold air comes down from the mountains during the night and the sun lulls the apples during the day. It is like a fairy tale taking place in the wonderful territory of the Alps. Our apple trees are used to these weather surprises. It is nice to cultivate apples that grow with such vital energy. Sometimes I go to the mountains to admire the waterfalls. The glaciers are very clean in our Alps and the water that runs down from the mountains is crystal clear, cold and wonderfully tasty, and from there you can admire the orchards that are fully integrated into such a beautiful environment. The pure water freshens our gardens. Maybe this is one of the secrets of our apples’ astonishingly fresh, and brilliant taste, together with our daily love and care.